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Is YOUR address number posted on your home or business where it can be clearly seen from the street?
ALL homeowners and businesses are required to have their assigned 9-1-1 address number posted on the structure where it can be seen clearly from the street.
Oswego Town Highway Superintendent David Sterio has announced that paving work in the Town of Oswego has been completed for the season. 
Furniss Station Rd and Regan Drive have been re-surfaced using a “Micro-Pave”, instead of the more common #7 asphalt.  
“For as long as we remember, the Town has been applying the same type of asphalt on our roads.  Due to the high cost, we usually pave one mile per year, and use ‘stone and oil’ on the other couple miles.”  
According to Sterio, the Town of Oswego paved almost three miles of road surface this year, while spending less than previous years.  
The Town of Oswego has used crews from the County for almost a decade, and utilized other private contractors before that.  
“For a town of our size, spending 400 thousand dollars on a paver to use it for one week just doesn’t make sense, Sterio said.  “That’s why towns and villages within the County use outside contractors.”  
“While the contractor’s are paving the roads, our Oswego Town Highway employees are able to continue to clean ditches and culverts, mow the roadside, and pick up residential brush and weeds,” he added. “This year, due to the rain, our contractor worked overtime, including Saturday to finish the work.  
“Since the work was contracted, the town didn’t have to pay for overtime as if our own crews were doing the work.  That cost was absorbed by the contractor, and we were able to complete the projects without going over budget.”

Legal Notice Planning Board - Town of Oswego, NY Town Hall
Notice is hereby given, that the Undersigned has applied to the Planning Board of the Town of Oswego, New York, for a Site Plan Review for the purpose of a proposed Community Solar Project on property located at 7374 State Route 104, Town of Oswego, pursuant to Article 4 of the Zoning Regulations of the Town of Oswego, for property described within. A Public Hearing will be held before the Board on Monday August 21, 2017 at 7:10 pm at the Oswego Town Hall, 2320 County Route 7, Oswego NY, for the purpose of obtaining comments on the proposed Site Plan Review.
Dated: July 6, 2017
Jesse Johnson
Project Development Manager, Community Solar
SolarCity Corporation d.b.a. Tesla Energy
24 St. Martin Drive Bldg. 2, Unit 11
Marlborough, MA 01752

If you have experienced any home or property damage from high lake levels, including damaged heating or plumbing systems in your basement, please call me at the Highway Garage. Federal officials are in the area doing a damage assessment. We would like to include this information in a report to determine if Federal assistance can be obtained for both residential and commercial properties. I can be reached at 315-343-0937.
David Sterio
Highway superintendent
2017 Tentative Budget
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Public Notice -Tax Levy Limit Override Local Law for 2017
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Permanent Restriction of Public Access to Onondaga County Private-Access Roadway Effective Monday, July 18, 2016
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