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Celebrating and Remembering the history of the Town of Oswego since 1818
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In exciting news, the Historical Society is proud to announce the creation of the first Oswego Town Museum.
New Museum
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Honoring our Veterans
The Historical Society welcomes information about our Town Veterans who served our country in any war or conflict. With their families' permission, deceased Veteran's names may be read in our annual Memorial Day services.
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Veterans Day Form
Oswego Town Historical Society Links
Town of Oswego, A Brief History
Dr. Mary Edwards Walker (link, this is on the website as it is now, but does have a section that needs to be removed pertaining to the Statue Fund (the statue has already been made and displayed).
Underground Railroad Station
Fallbrook/Poor House
Community Chatter
Obituaries from the Town of Oswego
The Historical Society possesses a collection of obituaries pertaining to former Oswego Town residents.
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and Town Historian
George R. DeMass
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For the list of upcoming Regular Meetings and Special Events, click on the link above titled Calendar of Meetings and Events.
Historical Society Officers:
President and Town Historian: George R. DeMass
Vice President: Tom Czerow
Secretary: Joyce Bogdziewcz
Treasurer: Margaret Mahaney
Trustee: Earl Engle
Trustee: Douglas Malone