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March 14, 2016 Report

• NYS Training. Last month's Assoc of Towns training was uneventful except for a very cold trip down. The training, as was that in Albany in January, however, was very good. Not only did I learn a lot, but I was able to make some good contacts and to bring back quite a few resources.

a.  Policies:  one of the trainings was on policies. This focused not only on what was required and recommended, but also had some suggestions as to what should be included; a copy of the presentation is included in the  Board's packet, as are current policies. Given this is extra resource, I thought it best to have our policies available for review this month and to formally adopt them next month. I would request the Board provide me with any suggestions or recommendations. Please note I have already made some recommended changes to the travel policy.

b. Investments and reserves:  A lot of training dealt with reserves and reserve funds, investments and unallocated fund balance. I have studied this material and have been formalizing recommendations. One step was to meet with the bank last week and I'm expecting their recommendations soon. Thanks to Rick Hogan for also sitting in on the meeting.

I don't want to spend too much time on unallocated fund balance at this point other to note that, as we all know, the fund balance is higher in some funds than recommended while non-existent in other funds. One way to adjust this is through the use of reserves and capital funds. There are several items that the Board has discussed in the past , such as the issue of highway fuel pumps, (on this agenda), that could be used in this manner. I would suggest we  have a board workshop in March to discuss capital and reserve funds, to review the policies, and to discuss possible changes to our chart of accounts and other possible accounting procedures.

Also, I have been working on other budget and accounting issues, especially in terms of historical data and long term projections. This could also be better discussed in a board workshop.

• Implementation of new technologies:  David Sterio and I both now have new computers and are beginning to use them to be more productive. Please note also that the Town now has a new Facebook page and we are working on getting more and better information to the public quicker using this resource. Additionally, David and I meet with Williamson Law Book Company to review their Highway Superintendent program. We spent a good deal of time on this and also reviewing how this would integrate into existing WLBC programs. I think we are both excited about this and would like to proceed in this direction. We feel there are sufficient funds and budget resources within the highway program that do this.

• Sleepy Hollow. Since this is included on the agenda, I won't spend much time here. I have tried to make the Board aware that we have some significant issues here. I have spent a fair amount of time on this, and thank David Sterio for his willingness to help and to provide additional input and recommendations.

• Cemetery funds. The cemetery equipment has been in need of updating and maintenance for awhile. There also has been a need to do some long term maintenance on trees. I have discussed the use of Cemetery funds with NYS Comptroller's office and feel the budget transfers requested are the best way to proceed.
December 14, 2015 Report

As I sat to write my last supervisor report, I became nostalgic thinking of all the wonderful experiences and happenings in the Town of Oswego over the last 14 years. In our short tenure here this town board has worked together, both Republican and Democrat for the betterment of the people in the town of Oswego.

Recently I read over some of my earlier reports, outlining the goals I wanted to accomplish as supervisors. They were; to establish a more Open Government, to move forward on the many needed town projects, timely and accurate financial reporting, True spending cuts, an end to the adversarial relationships though improved communication, expansion of the use technology at town hall and to have qualified accounting clerks who are civil servants not political appointments. I am proud to say these goals have been accomplished. None of this would have been possible without the support of my town board, Tim DeSacia, Greg Herrmann, Margaret Mahaney, Rick Tesoriero, and past members Carol Pritchard, Barb Tierney, Dick Pratt, and Dan Shaver.

The town is in good financial shape. We have been able to stay under the State Tax cap since its inception; insuring our residents keep receiving their tax rebates from the state. Through long term planning my Budget officer Rick Hogan and I have managed to guide the town though the loss of the Revenue from Metropolitan Water Board pilot. Rick has been my budget officer for 14 years, and the town board has great respect for his guidance.

We built this wonderful Town Hall we sit in tonight, we built a highway complex, and our justice center and town park. Mr. Wilcox our Highway Superintendant has worked hand and hand with us in keeping our buildings and grounds in good repair.

Our roads are very well maintained by our highway crew, Bobby Izyk, Shawn Regan, Rob Malone, Eddie Lawton, Jeremy Wilcox, Lynn Cooper, and Frank Ferguson. We have kept our highway equipment up to date and efficient by following our equipment replacement plan

Tim Gibson and Gerry Michalski have done an admirable job at keeping the Rural Cemetery, second to none over the years.

Our Town Historian George Demass's programs and special events keep the Town's history alive and his enthusiastic leadership has grown our Historical Society. Hopefully after tonight's meeting we will officially have a new museum for our cherished treasures. Who can forget Mrs. Cooper and her long journey to bring Dr Mary Walker Statue to our town hall? A job well done and very much appreciated!

I have So many people to thank, Dan Sullivan our dog control officer, Wayne Newton our code enforcement officer, Our Town Justices, Michael Sterio and Don Dodd and their clerks Terri Cooper and Myrtis Sterio along with our Constable Fred Ferguson run efficient Town courts.

I am forever thankful to the people who serve on our zoning board, Debra Jaskula, Tim Anderson, Robert Dexter, Bob Baker, Mike Asmolik and planning board, Barry Pritchard, Francis Dellamano, Lee Philips, Michael Nuepuf, Judy Sabin-Watson ,Richard Kaulfuss , and Noreen Rutan and our board of assessment review, Karen Breene, Paula Weigelt, Bob Baker, Barry Pritchard. Our Deputy Town Clerks Carol Todd and Nikki Fowler, and our Town hall custodian Maureen Polkey, Each and every one of the employees of the town contributed to the success of my administration.

As I said on my first day in office, we are a Team and two very important members of our team, Terry Botting and Debbie Hogan have made this journey a memorable one. I appreciate them more than words can express, they go above beyond everyday.

I must also say thank you to Joe Oleyourryk who volunteers his time to kill spiders, catch mice and go out in the weather to get the mail for the ladies of the town hall.

To Terri Cooper and Mark Wilcox …thank you for your service to the people of the town of Oswego, your dedication to the betterment of the town sets a high bar for your successors. Enjoy every minute of your well earned Retirement.

Thanks to the voters who had faith in me. I appreciate you all…. And lastly to my husband Charlie who has been at my side every step of the way. I couldn't have done this without him.

I will not say goodbye, I will say "thanks for the memories"
November 9, 2015 Report

First, I would like to congratulate the candidates on their recent election and wish them all well in the future!

Just a note to say how wonderful the walk through the Oswego Town Rural Cemetery was that was hosted by Town Historian George Demass. It featured SUNY Oswego students who portrayed famous residents who are buried there, as well as those they wished had been buried in our cemetery. A great time was had by all who attended! I can't wait to see what they come up with for next year.

On Saturday, the Oswego Town Historical Society held their annual Veteran's Day program. It was very well attended and there were 6 WWII veterans in attendance. It was a very moving program.

The town held a public hearing on the 26" of October regarding the 2016 budget. Only one person spoke at the hearing. Tonight the budget is on the agenda for the board to vote on. I am happy we are under the tax cap and that we are able to hold the line on taxes after the 22 percent increase from the prior year.

Also tonight we will reappoint Noreen Ruttan to the Board of Appeals and thank her for her willingness to serve the Town of Oswego.

We will be renewing the Sleepy Hollow BAN with Pathfinder Bank. This BAN will be paid in full in 2018.

The repair work at Ontario Heights pumping station that was approved by the board in August will commence tomorrow.

NIMIR Insurance will be raising their rates for the first time in 8 years - about 3.5 percent.

As I am cleaning out the Supervisor's office I am finding old non-working, obsolete equipment that will be destroyed and removed from the town's data base with the board's approval.

The cemetery is closing for the season on Friday; however burials will continue weather permitting. The cemetery sold two lots and had I burial in October.

Our dog control officer had 6 calls in October.

Our code enforcement officer had 6 inspections and issued 3 building permits in October.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a very happy birthday to Julie DeSacia.
September 14, 2015 Report

It has been a busy month…..trying to get everything in order for the new supervisor and his board.    Next month we will be advertising for all appointed positions within the town. Current employees will be encouraged to re-apply.

My budget officer and I have been working on the 2016 budget.  It will be ready for the town clerk at the end of the month.

The negotiations with the Journey of life community center are ongoing.

The parking lot has been repaired by the Highway department. 

I have applied for our CHIP’s Money and the winter recovery money…it .should be here this month!

On tonight’s agenda there is a resolution to have me take steps to submit a request a for a spend limit review on Engle’s Road.  A petition from the residents of the Road has been submitted. The road is also part of the Town of Hannibal, I will contact them. 

Also the DOT will hold an informational meeting here at the town hall in October on the 104 project. This is an informational ONLY Meeting only.  Check the paper for the date. .

Our dog control officer investigated 3 complaints.

Cemetery sold one lot in August and had 3 burials.

Congratulations to candidates who won their primaries.   Good luck in November!
August 10, 2015 Report

Let us take a moment of silence for the passing of Leonard Malone, a former highway employee and John Dibble who served as a town board member. Also for Julian Thomas Ross, a young boy who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 10. May they all rest in peace.

I have been working with the Highway Superintendent on purchasing new fuel pumps for the highway complex. This will be a big expense and there are many options. I will allocate funds in the budget and our new Highway Superintendent can take on this project.

The Highway Department has paved West Lake Road, along with sections of Gardenier Road and Hillside Avenue. I have applied for CHIPS money; we should receive two checks from the State in September with one being Winter Recover in the amount of
$13,687.27 and one being highway improvement in the amount of $97,445.88.

Work will be scheduled at the Ontario Heights pumping station by OSHA certified technicians after the board passes the resolution on tonight's agenda.

Tonight we will appoint Dr. Michael Nupuff as a Planning Board member, and thank him for his willingness to serve the people of the Town of Oswego. We will also be
accepting the resignation of Gary Richardson from the Planning Board and thank him for his service to the people of the Town of Oswego. We wish him well in the future.

I was able to negotiate with Excelon for a donation to the town to use for a few improvements to our town park. This was in exchange for locating an emergency alert siren in that area. A new sign has been installed and the fencing has been repaired. I have a work order to have the medium under the play equipment taken care of.

The town has received notice from the state that we are maintaining an equalization rate of 100 %. Thank you to Mr. Hogan, our assessor for his diligence with the assessment of our town.

I am asking the board for permission to enter into talks with the Journey of Faith Church,
for possible purchase of the building next door to the town hall. This building is part of Oswego Town's history and should be preserved.

Oswego Town Rural Cemetery reported 5 burials and 0 lot sales for the month of July.

Our Dog Control officer investigated 3 complaints in July.

Our Code enforcement investigated…………complaints and issued ……..building permits.

Before we go further I would like to have Merritt Czerow come forward to meet the Town Board. Merritt has recently reached the rank of Eagle Scout and we are very proud of his accomplishments!
May 11, 2015 Report

A moment of silence for John Ruttan, husband of Noreen, who serves on the town's Planning Board, and is the brother of our Deputy Town Clerk, Carol Todd.

First, I want to thank Tim DeSacia for his help while I was away.

We had a horrible winter. Our sewer lines here at the town hall froze, resulting in a costly repair. These repairs are not covered by insurance. Emergencies like this are why I do not drain our un-appropriated fund balance to artificially lower the tax rates.

The Oswego School District will be holding their budget vote and the elections to the Board of Education on Tuesday May 19th from Noon till 9pm here at town hall.

The Historical Society will hold their Memorial Day Service at the Rural Cemetery on Monday May 25th at 10am.

The Tentative Roll continues tomorrow from 4pm-8pm; and Saturday May 16th from 9am till 1pm here at the town hall. Grievance Day is on Tuesday May 26th from 9am till noon and again at 5pm-8pm.

The Route 104 project is back on. Bid opening will be in March of 2016. You may see engineers working on 104.

I want to take a minute to thank Mr. Wilcox and his Highway Department: Frank Ferguson, Lynn Cooper, Bob Izyk, Ed Lawton, RobMalone, Shawn Regan, and Jeremy Wilcox for their dedication and their hard work over the worst winter anyone seems to remember!

The Town will receive just over 13-thousand dollars in additional CHIPS money for winter recovery this year.

I will be picking up new weather alert radios from the County on Wednesday for the Town Hall and the Highway Garage.

The Town Park will be getting a new sign, the fence will be repaired, and new swings will be ordered. Spring came early or should I say no spring just summer!

Ontario Orchards is celebrating their 50th year doing business here in the town as well as June and Dennis Ouellette's 50 years of marriage. We wish them well and hope for 50 more years!

The Cemetery is open for burials, and the men have been busy. One lot was sold and we had one burial in April.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated only one complaint last month!

The board is facing many retirements. New salaries need to be discussed, and we will do that at the end of our regular meeting. NO action can be taken so we will close our regular meeting and those who want to leave, can. This is, of course, an open meeting.
November 10, 2014 Report

On the agenda tonight, I am asking the Board's approval of the transfer of funds from Highway Money Market to Highway Reserve in the amount of $397.69. We are consolidating accounts.

We are in the process of changing the Town's depository from JPMorgan Chase to Community Bank. This change is due to Chase's new regulations and rules which will include substantial fees for services. We investigated with three banks and decided on Community Bank. So far everything is going very smoothly.

We are working on the Sleepy Hollow BAN with a new bank (Pathfinder), who had the best interest rate.

Maintenance was completed by Koester Associates at the Sleepy Hollow Treatment Plant. They replaced the floats and calibrated the flow meter.

The Board held a public hearing on the 2015 budget on October 20th, hearing all interested parties and taking the thoughts under advisement. I did not receive any further calls, emails, texts or faxes from anyone who spoke at the meeting. I asked that if anyone has questions about the Town of Oswego, please contact me or a Board Member. We are very accessible.

We hope to have a contract with the Teamsters union shortly. Thanks to Tim for sitting in last week with us.

The Highway Department has been busy getting ready for winter…..according to the National Weather Service we could be in for another LONG winter.

We sold 1 lot and had 4 burials in the Cemetery.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated 4 complaints.

Our Code Enforcement Officer had 7 inspections; no permits were issued last month.
October 14, 2014 Report

Budget Message (.pdf, 710 kb)
September 9, 2014 Report

A moment of silence for Robert Baker, who was a former employee of the Town of Oswego Highway Department.

Our Town Historian George DeMass' book "Images of America – Town of Oswego" is out and he will be available for a book signing at River's End Bookstore on Friday September 26 at 6pm. We should all be very proud of George. I hope the Board Members will be able to attend! Congratulations, George!

My Budget Officer Mr. Hogan and I continue to work on the 2015 budget. We have spoken with some department heads, and a tentative budget will be in place soon. Facing the loss of Metropolitan PILOT payments means we will tighten our belt even further. This is the last year that we received the $186,000 PILOT payment from Metropolitan Water. We have cut, streamlined, and worked with other towns to keep the cost of doing business down. In the future, as employees retire we will re-evaluate the need for full time positions. We have never used our unappropriated funds to balance the budget. We have been working for 10 years in anticipation of this loss, and to spread out the increase needed, we will use funds from the balance in 2015. The town in in good fiscal shape and will continue to be. Tonight we are setting a public hearing for Local Law 2014-1, a local law to override the tax cap levy, imposed by the state.

We are entering negotiations with the Teamsters for our employees' contract.

Senator Patty Ritchie has contacted me and asked if the Town would support a resolution to be sent to the United States Army and our military leaders concerning keeping Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division intact. I hope the Board will support this.

Our current financial institution has informed us that fees for services will increase greatly in January 2015. Therefore, the Town has put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to area banks looking for the best service and fees.

The service technician for Ontario Heights Pumping Station has replace Pump #2 (vacuum pump), and also performed the Tech Check at the station. The sewer usage bills for Ontario Heights residents will be mailed September 19th.

Our Dog Control Officer had no complaints in July!

The Cemetery had 6 burials and 4 lot sales in August.

Code Enforcement Officer had 36 inspections, 16 complaints, 1 demo permit, 11 walk-throughs and 4 no-permit investigations.

Tomorrow is Primary Day. The Board of Elections will be using Town Hall from noon till 9pm. Please come out and vote.
August 11, 2014 Report

Congratulations to George DeMass! His book "Images of America – Town of Oswego" is out! His dedication and hard work have seen fruition. I am so proud of him. Thank you, George!

There will be a budget workshop tonight after regular meeting. Department heads should have received their ledgers with a letter, asking them to contact Rick Hogan and me if their budget needs are changed from last year. We will begin the 2015 budget process soon.

On tonight's agenda, we will be approving a budget mod for pump repairs at Sleepy Hollow as per our CPA Mark See.

Also, on the agenda is the resolution for contracting with negotiator Charles Borell for the purpose of opening the Teamsters contract negotiations.

We thank Councilor Mahaney for completing the audits of the town clerk's office and the tax collector's office; and also thank Councilor Tesoriero for completing the audits for the justices' offices.

The town-wide community yard sale was a success. This was the largest number of homes hosting this year – there were 53 homes included on the map.

The Board of Elections will be using Town Hall on Tuesday September 9th from noon till 9pm for Primaries.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated eight complaints in June.

The Cemetery had 2 burials and one lot sale in June.

No Code Enforcement Report.
July 14, 2014 Report

Thank you to Tim DeSacia for taking over while I was ill.

The Association of town supervisors met with county leaders over the county's idea to close the transfer stations. A committee of town and county officials was set up to find a solution to this issue. Tonight on our agenda, is a resolution in opposition to closing these facilities.

Also on tonight's agenda, we will be closing out the Consolidated Water Districts' checking account. It has been moved to the General Fund, under the advisement of our CPA, since we no longer use the account.

Tim Gibson has gone out for knee surgery and we have Nick Rossi back as a temporary worker in the cemetery. We wish Tim a speedy recovery.

Just for housekeeping, we will establish our summer hours here at Town Hall, from June 30th through August 29th.

Tonight, we accept the resignation of our Zoning Board Chair Greg Auleta, and thank him for his many years of service. Greg was an integral part of rewriting our zoning laws. He was dedicated to serving the Town of Oswego. His expertise will be missed. We wish him luck in his retirement!

We will hold a work shop after our August Board meeting to discuss the 2015 budget.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated two complaints in June.

We had 4 burials and no lot sales in June.

Our Code Enforcement issued building permits and had 12 inspections in June.

I was away on vacation and missed the Ice Cream Social. I understand it was a huge success again this year. Musical entertainment was by the Oswego Valley Snowbelters! Congratulations to the Historical Society, and George DeMass!
June 9, 2014 Report

No June 2014 Supervisors Report due to illness.
May 12, 2014 Report

The Town Park will be opening on May 22nd. The Highway Department will be sprucing it up! If we need to order upgraded equipment, we will do it ASAP.

The cemetery has been very busy with spring cleanup and burials.

The carpets have been cleaned in Town Hall. Ontario Orchards will be coming soon to refresh and clean up the landscaping, and the flowerpots will be planted also.

On the agenda, I have the Preventative Maintenance Agreement with Hyde-Stone Mechanical. Councilman DeSacia has reviewed and we agree it is proactive.

Also on the agenda is a title change only, from secretary to clerk, for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals. This is in accordance with Civil Service requirements.

I received notice from Senator Patty Ritchie that the Town will receive additional CHIPS funds ($10,949.81) for extra weather-related costs such as strained overtime budgets and filling in potholes.

I have renewed our Town's insurance with NYMIR. The cost has decreased by $2,642.44 from the previous year.

I am in the process of investigating with Koester Associates (who maintains our pump station) and also National Grid, the reason that the Ontario Heights electric bill has increased in usage by hundreds of kilowatt hours.

The Assessor has begun meeting with residents about the tentative roll. The remaining sessions will be held this Tuesday from 4-8pm and again on Saturday from 9am to noon.

Grievance Day is Tuesday May 27th.

Mark your calendar for the annual town-wide community yard sales to be held Saturday, August 2nd.

I attended the Oswego County Supervisors meeting last month. I invited the legislators who represent the Town of Oswego. I thank Amy Tressider, Doug Malone and Terry Wilbur for attending. There were many other legislators there. Kevin Gardner, the Chairman of the Legislature gave a presentation on the tax cap, and the possibility of the closing of the transfer stations. A very lively discussion followed, and the outcome of the discussion was that a summit will be held with all parties soon. The area Supervisors will be meeting on May 28th. The county legislators will be invited.

Our Code Enforcement Officer had 15 inspections which also included 4 complaints. He attended 3 training sessions. There were 9 building permits issued so far this year.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated 4 complaints.

The cemetery had 2 lot sales and 3 burials.

In the Board packets, I have included the monthly close for April which reconciles the 16 bank accounts the Supervisor is responsible for. In the future, the Board will receive these reports monthly via email.
April 14, 2014 Report

I would like to thank Tim DeSacia for all he did while I was away.
Also…I would like to acknowledge the Town Highway workers who had the longest winter that I can remember. I had many compliments!

It seems that spring has finally sprung in the town! Oswego County Earth Week begins April 25th- though May 4th. There will be prizes for cleanup projects in our community. Should anyone like to have a project, please contact me.

Tonight we will accept Ted Sivers' resignation from the Board of Assessment Review, due to a scheduling conflict on Grievance Day. We thank him for his service and will look for his return in the future. We will also appoint Paula Weigelt to the Board and thank her for her willingness to serve the Town of Oswego!

Also on tonight's agenda, the agreement for emergency siren relocation on Fred Haynes Blvd. A new pole will be set and tested. The old one will be taken down after FEMA has signed off on the project. It should be done before next winter.

My clerk Mrs. Botting has been out a few days sick and I want to thank Mrs. Cooper for her help. Also, I received a letter from the NYS town clerks association informing me that Mrs. Cooper has been awarded the John DaVanzo Memorial Scholarship. We congratulate her on this scholarship!
March 10, 2014 Report

No March Supervisors Report - Supervisor out of country.
February 10, 2014 Report

No February Supervisors Report - Supervisor out of country.
January 6, 2014 Report

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Justice Stan Jung has retired from the bench. We thank him for his many years of service to the people of the Town of Oswego. We welcome Justice Dodd and wish him well.

We are in the process of closing out the 2013 books and will be sending them to our auditor and to the State Comptrollers office.

I received a letter from our insurance company informing us that the rates have gone down for the sixth straight year. I will let the Board know as soon as I get real figures.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated 6 complaints last month.

No Cemetery Report for last month.

No Code Enforcement Report.

Town Historian George DeMass is home sick tonight. I hope he gets well soon!
December 9, 2013 Report

A moment of silence for Christine Smith who recently passed away. Christine's husband was a former Highway Superintendent.

Over the past few months there has been bad news for residents of surrounding communities concerning taxes. The Town of Oswego has enjoyed a very low tax rate for many years, due in part to revenue from a pilot agreement with Metropolitan Water Authority. Unfortunately, 2014 is the last year of the pilot agreement. In 2015 the Town will be forced to make up that revenue. If all things stay the same, (health insurance, and retirement payments, etc.) we will be facing a tax increase in 2015. We will continue to monitor the town's budget carefully. The Town is in good financial health and during my tenure as Fiscal Officer we have never used the fund balance to artificially lower taxes.

During our annual boiler inspection, one of our boilers failed to fire here at town hall….
Oswego Mechanical was called and they are in the process of fixing it.

New State Department of Transportation has requested an Undertaking for our Highway Department to be able to work in the State Right-of -Way.

The Town Clerk will soon be accepting credit cards for tax payments, at no cost to the Town.

The Town will begin a dog census. If you have a dog that is not licensed please stop in to avoid any fines or penalties. Notices will be going out in January.

Our Code Enforcement Officer issued 3 permits and had 3 inspections during November.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated 2 complaints.

We had 4 burials in the cemetery in November.

The Town Board will meet December 30th at 4:30pm to review and approve the final abstract of the year. Our January organizational meeting will be held on January 6th at 7pm.

I will be available via Skype and email during February and March. Deputy DeSacia will step up and take care of any business that cannot be handled personally by me. I have a family commitment in Australia.

Another year is coming to a close and I would like to thank all town elected officials, and employees for making the Town of Oswego a great place to live. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.
November 12, 2013 Report

I would like to congratulate the newly elected town officials. Congratulations to you all.

The Historical Society had their Veterans Day program at Town Hall on Saturday. There was a fly over! And taps were played. Nick Miles was the speaker and he did a very nice job! Congratulations to our Historian George DeMass. He continues to fill the Town Hall with interesting programs.

The Town Board held a public hearing on the tentative budget on October 28th. No one spoke at the meeting, either for, or against. The budget has been available to the public on the Town's website also, for several weeks. On tonight's agenda there is a resolution to adopt the 2014 Budget.

The DEC has sent their annual inspection of the Sleepy Hollow Sewer District wastewater plant. The plant has been given a satisfactory rating. Of course a few items need to be addressed, and I am working on them.

NYMIR (New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal), our new insurance carrier has a few recommendations that need to be addressed from the underwriting survey of our minicipality. I am working with them to address the concerns (fence, swings policy, boiler).

There are budget modifications to be approved on tonight's agenda. NY State Retirement and healthcare costs continue to rise. We will make the budget modifications from the money that was saved by using a new ambulance service in the town.

The cemetery sold two lots and had five burials. The cemetery is officially closed, however burials can continue depending on weather conditions.

The Dog Control Officer investigated 7 complaints.

I do not have a Code Enforcement Report at this time.
October 15, 2013 Report

The Town Board was given my tentative budget on September 30th. My budget officer Mr. Hogan and I have worked on the budget for months. We feel it is a good budget and truly reflects the town's needs. We were able to include a small raise for our employees, and because of the savings in ambulance fees by contracting with Menter Ambulance for no retainer fee, we will not see a tax increase again this year! Also we will have other late budget adjustments after consultation with our town auditor, which does not affect tax levy.

Also tonight we will need to make an adjustment to the budget. I have received confirmation that the Bond for the Ontario Heights Sewer District improvements is paid in full. I will make a motion to lower the line item tonight. The folks at Ontario Heights will see a 300 dollar decrease in their town tax rate in 2014. Koester Associates has completed scheduled maintenance to the Ontario Heights Pumping Station. The sewer usage bills went out in September; our 5 year agreement with the City will end December 2014. I would like to form a sewer district committee of Ontario Heights residents to work with the Town Board for the future negotiations. When I first ran for Town Board, there was a sewer district association, comprised of residents of the district. I think it is time they get back together and help make the decisions that face their district.

The new cemetery mower has been delivered and is in use! In September we had one lot sale and three burials. The cemetery will officially close November 12th. Notices will be sent to the funeral directors. Burials will continue to be made, contingent upon weather conditions and the availability of our outside sources for the openings of the graves. Our cemetery crew should be commended. We have received many compliments on the cemetery!

At Sleepy Hollow, pump #3 has been replaced. Also, the DEC was at Sleepy Hollow on Thursday and completed their annual inspection. We have not received their report yet. However our Wastewater Operator called to say it went well!

There was a public hearing held here by Oswego County IDA concerning Murphy's Automotive Solutions, LLC. I do not think anyone attended.

Fire Pro Technical Services was here to inspect our Town Hall sprinkler system. I had all materials previously stored in the sprinkler valve room removed as was recommended by them last inspection. There were no recommendations from this inspection.

Our insurance company's Risk Management inspected Town Hall, the Highway Garage and the Town Park last week, and found a couple minor repairs needed to the fencing at the park. I will have this taken care of. When I receive the report I will share it with the Board.

I need to add a resolution on the Agenda to approve the transfer from perpetual funds interest that paid for the tree removals in the spring. Since the work was approved in 2012, but completed in 2013, I felt a new resolution was appropriate.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated 11 complaints in September.

The Code Enforcement Officer had 11 inspections, and investigated 5 complaints.

Sad news………winter is right around the corner, but our Highway Superintendent Mr. Wilcox assures me that our Highway Department is ready to go!
September 9, 2013 Report

Last Tuesday night I attended a class given by the State Comptroller's office. We learned that the tax cap for 2014 will be lowered to 1.66 percent. The reason given was the reduction in retirement costs. I do not see a reduction in the projection we were given, however, I am hopeful that the costs have gone down. We will budget for the amount they forecasted. We have started our budget process, and it will be submitted to our town clerk by the 30th of September. There is a budget meeting scheduled for that day also.

On Wednesday I attended the Oswego County Supervisor Association meeting. The speaker was Jiancheng Huang, the Commissioner of Oswego County Public Health.

He updated the group on the spraying for EEE, and various other health related topics.

Work has begun on the railroad trestle on Rathburn Road. The road is closed to thru traffic and work is expected to be completed within a week. Residents were notified via phone, email and the press, and the School District Transportation Department was notified personally by me.

I have made several inspections of the Rural Cemetery this summer. I find the grounds to always be very well maintained. The cemetery crew is to be commended for the quality of work and the pride they show in the duties they perform. In looking over the cemetery grounds, I find a few things that need to be addressed by the town for the future. Several of the trees in the cemetery are dying and need to be trimmed out or removed; the vault still needs to be repaired; drainage that has been worked on piecemeal will need to be completed; and some of the roadways need to be repaired. These are items that I will add to my budgets over the next two years. We will do as much of the work in-house as we are able to. The lawn tractor that was approved at our last meeting was ordered and we expect delivery within the week.

Billing for the Ontario Heights residents' sewer usage will be going out this month.

The Salvation Army, serving the entire Oswego county, is having an appreciation dinner to recognize and thank individuals, businesses, and organizations. We commend them for all the good works they do for the county.

We had one burial in the cemetery in August. Our Dog Control Officer had one complaint, and our Code Enforcement Office issued 11 building permits, 6 inspections, and had one complaint.

And that is all I have for this week.
August 12, 2013 Report

I've asked NRG to paint the bridge over Rathburn Road and they have agreed to do this work. It should take a few days. We will need to close the road to "local traffic" while the work is being completed. I will send notices to the press and notify the residents by mail or email or phone where we can.

I've had some calls from residents who love the double solid line on the curve on Gardenier Road. Thanks to Mr. Wilcox for getting that done!

OCWA has spruced up their property….painted the building, planted trees and painted the water tank. They continue to be a good neighbor.

The Sleepy Hollow Treatment Plant needs to have the Number 3 pump replaced. The pump has been ordered and will be installed as soon as it comes in. It has been 10 years since a pump was replaced. Some ground work will also be completed at the Sleepy Hollow site.

Our 4th Annual Town-Wide Community Yard Sale was successful. We had 40 participants. Thank you to Mrs. Botting and Mrs. Hogan for their work on the project!

I have spoken with our Highway and Grounds Supervisor….the trees at Town Hall and the Park need to be pruned. He will get to that ASAP. I would like to have the parking lot striped again, however, if he thinks we should wait till spring, we will.

We have begun the budget process. Mrs. Botting has sent a letter to department heads requesting needs. Of course, as always, needs, not wants!

The PILOT the town has with Metropolitan Water is coming to an end next year. I am meeting with the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Water Board on the 14th. We both felt it was time to meet and go over the conclusion of the PILOT. No one from this administration was involved in the PILOT, so if any Board Member would like to be there, let me know.

The Historical Society held an Ice Cream Social in July. It was another successful event. The next event is 9/14: Candlelight Cemetery Walk.

The cemetery needs a new mower. I received 3 bids and the lowest bid was from Northern Concrete, who participates in a government program from John Deere. We will not sell the mower that is being replaced. Our Cemetery Superintendent wants to keep it for parts, etc. "No Parking on the Grass" signs have been ordered to be used during the wet seasons. Our cemetery crew continues to keep our cemetery well maintained. We had one burial in the cemetery in July.

Our Code Enforcement Officer issued 18 building permits in July, had 7 inspections and investigated two complaints.

Our Dog Control Officer had one complaint in July.

The Smart Energy Program is completed on the lighting at the Highway complex, the Town Park, and the Town Hall entrance. We have seen a monthly savings and should recoup the cost over time.

New York State now prohibits smoking in children's parks. Therefore we will post a "No Smoking" sign in our Town Park. The sign was free! I will ask Mr. Wilcox to install it after the Board approves it!

On the agenda, I have the resolution to dispose of obsolete equipment with no residual value since the town was progressive and inventoried every piece of equipment.

The Justices will be applying for a JCAP grant.

And that is all I have for tonight.
July 8, 2013 Report

No report for July, Supervisor Mullen was out of the country
June 10, 2013 Report

The Historical Society held its Memorial Day Service at the Rural Cemetery. It was happy to be in town this year so that I could attend… and the Reverend Sivers talk and the young people playing taps though the cemetery was very moving, Thank you to our Historical society for another job well done! Looking forward to the next Historical Society event, a picnic on the lawn at historian George DeMass home June 19th …always a good time!   I hope you can attend.

On tonight's agenda we have resolution to reappoint Mr. Hogan as sole assessor to comply with Real Property Tax law 310, recently passed in the State legislature.

Mrs. Cooper attended her town clerk conference and brought back a new

format for the minutes she takes of our town board meetings.

I like the format, it will be easier for her to index her minutes now.  

Also every month the town board gets reports in their packet for…Supervisor's financial report, the town clerks report, code enforcement, cemetery, and Dog control.  Starting tonight, the board will accept the previous month's reports.

An auditor will find this change to the minutes and improvement.

Back in February the board passed the resolution to have the Health Dept investigate removing the towns from City Ambulance Certificate of Need.

The State Health Department has investigated and would like a formal resolution passed at this time.  The three towns have the resolution on their agenda's for this month.

The Rural Cemetery sold 1 lot in May, and there were 16 burials.

Kudos' to the Cemetery Crew, they have worked hard preparing the cemetery for the season, I have received many compliments on the appearance and our staff.

The Dog Control Officer, Mr., Sullivan investigated 6 complaints in May.

Mr. Newton, our Code Enforcement officer issued 8 permits and had 9 inspections in May; He also attended a class at state fair ground concerning residential on site water treatment

 The annual water supply Statement and consumer Confidence Report from Onondaga Water Authority is now available on line at

Mark your calendar now for the annual Community Yard Sale on August 3rd.
If you would like to be listed please see Mrs. Botting.

The Oswego YMCA tour de-lop bike race will be held on August 17, from 8:30 until noon.

I am in receipt of a letter from the County District Attorney that was sent to our Fire Department, I would like to read it.

A reminder that our all volunteer department is second to none!

BIGGEST NEWS OF THE MONTH………I'M RETIRING FROM THE Oswego City SCHOOL DISTRICT AFTER 25 years of service at the end of this month!  

I am looking forward to increasing my daytime hours here at the town hall; and I will continue to be available after hours as needed by appointment.
May 13, 2013 Report

A moment of silence for Marshall Sharkey, Mr. Sharkey was Councilor Tim DeSacia's Father in law and a member of our historical society.

I would like to congratulate Brian Katzman, Oswego Town Fire Commissioner, who was selected for 40 under 40 as a next generation of leaders. Brian is also a Lieutenant in the Fire Department, and the Advisor for the Explore group, as well as a Cub Scout Leader, Brian truly is a leader in our community!.

The Public Hearing on proposed Local Law 2013-2, known as the Flood Damage Prevention Law, will be held tonight. This local law will replace Local Law 1994-1 and all amendments. If the top were to opt out of this law it would mean that residents with properties in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) would not be able to obtain flood insurance. Any federally insured financial institution would require flood insurance on a structure located in a SFHA in order for the property owner to obtain a mortgage. Also If our municipality does not participate in the NFIP, our community cannot be guaranteed assistance from FEMA if a flooding disaster is experienced. Our Town has been participating in the program, and we hope to continue.

The Town Hall Bond ($15,000) and Ontario Heights Bond ($30,000) are due and scheduled for payment this week.

We have been given a proposal to upgrade the lights at the Highway Garage. The Board will review this proposal and advise.

Tonight, we will vote on the town's insurance. The quote from NYMIR was $27,146.78 and we will save $4,378.95 from last year's insurance rates.

The Rural Cemetery is open for burials. The tree work that was approved in the fall was completed this spring. The cemetery crew has been very busy with spring cleanup and equipment maintenance. 2 lots were sold in April, and there were 4 burials.

The Dog Control Officer investigated 4 complaints in April.

Our Code Enforcement Officer Issued 5 building permits and had 11 inspections.

There will be a County IDA Public Hearing on the Eagle Beverage project on Friday at 9am here at Town Hall. They are adding on a distribution warehouse and office to their business on County Route 25.

The Board of Education Budget vote and elections will be here at Town Hall on 5/21/13 from 12-9pm.

The Tentative Roll sessions are ongoing. Grievance Day is Tuesday May 28 9am-Noon and then from 5-8pm. Appointments are encouraged.

The swings are up in the park. The floors in Town Hall have been cleaned and waxed the office rugs will be cleaned in the fall. Pest Control was completed inside and out of town hall.

The Fulton Hibernians had a spring cleanup at the Irish Cemetery on Rathburn Road. They did a great job!

The Historical Society had a program about the Malone's Garage, which is the oldest business in our town. IT was a very good program and we thank the Historical Society and the Malone's for putting on such an informative program.

That is all I have for tonight.

April 8, 2013 Report

A moment of silence for Marshall Sharkey, Mr. Sharkey was Councilor Tim DeSacia's Father in law and a member of our historical society.

I would like to congratulate Brian Katzman, Oswego Town Fire Commissioner, who was selected for 40 under 40 as a next generation of leaders. Brian is also a Lieutenant in the Fire Department, and the Advisor for the Explore group, as well as a Cub Scout Leader, Brian truly is a leader in our community!.

The Public Hearing on proposed Local Law 2013-2, known as the Flood Damage Prevention Law, will be held tonight. This local law will replace Local Law 1994-1 and all amendments. If the top were to opt out of this law it would mean that residents with properties in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) would not be able to obtain flood insurance. Any federally insured financial institution would require flood insurance on a structure located in a SFHA in order for the property owner to obtain a mortgage. Also If our municipality does not participate in the NFIP, our community cannot be guaranteed assistance from FEMA if a flooding disaster is experienced. Our Town has been participating in the program, and we hope to continue.

The Town Hall Bond ($15,000) and Ontario Heights Bond ($30,000) are due and scheduled for payment this week.

We have been given a proposal to upgrade the lights at the Highway Garage. The Board will review this proposal and advise.

Tonight, we will vote on the town's insurance. The quote from NYMIR was $27,146.78 and we will save $4,378.95 from last year's insurance rates.

The Rural Cemetery is open for burials. The tree work that was approved in the fall was completed this spring. The cemetery crew has been very busy with spring cleanup and equipment maintenance. 2 lots were sold in April, and there were 4 burials.

The Dog Control Officer investigated 4 complaints in April.

Our Code Enforcement Officer Issued 5 building permits and had 11 inspections.

There will be a County IDA Public Hearing on the Eagle Beverage project on Friday at 9am here at Town Hall. They are adding on a distribution warehouse and office to their business on County Route 25.

The Board of Education Budget vote and elections will be here at Town Hall on 5/21/13 from 12-9pm.

The Tentative Roll sessions are ongoing. Grievance Day is Tuesday May 28 9am-Noon and then from 5-8pm. Appointments are encouraged.

The swings are up in the park. The floors in Town Hall have been cleaned and waxed the office rugs will be cleaned in the fall. Pest Control was completed inside and out of town hall.

The Fulton Hibernians had a spring cleanup at the Irish Cemetery on Rathburn Road. They did a great job!

The Historical Society had a program about the Malone's Garage, which is the oldest business in our town. IT was a very good program and we thank the Historical Society and the Malone's for putting on such an informative program.

That is all I have for tonight.

February 11, 2013 Report

A moment of silence for Robert Galvin who passed recently. He was the husband of our long time highway employee Darlene Ferguson.

I would like to take a minute to thank Tim DeSacia for all he did during my time down under. Thanks, Tim.

During my absence the Board had questions from the public about a Local Law the Town Board passed known as "the rental law."

The Town Board undertook a request to investigate a law that would require inspections of rental units in the Town of Oswego.

This project was completed after months of work. The Town Board held a Public Hearing on the proposed law in September. At that time the Board felt we needed more input from the community. The Hearing was recessed and we continued the Public Hearing in October. Only one person spoke at either Public Hearing, neither for nor against the proposed law. The Board passed the Local Law at the meeting in October. Only when property owners were contacted by mail, did we receive comments.

It is my understanding, at the December meeting, residents in attendance who voiced their concerns about this matter were asked to send in their comments and questions to the Town Board. None were received as of the 28th of January workshop.

Also at the December meeting, the Board voted to postpone the implementation of the Local Law for 6 months for further review. On Tuesday February 5th the Town received a petition carried by Lorraine Pratt, and signed by several landlords in the town, asking the Town Board to rescind the rental law, and I have had a few phone calls from residents.

On tonight's agenda, I have a resolution to rescind this Local Law as it was adopted. It is my feeling that the Board may not have passed the law if town residents had been at the public hearings to voice their opinions.

If the Board votes to rescind the rental law, monies collected for permits will be refunded. It is my feeling that although the Town followed proper periodical, the process could have been better.

Also on tonight's agenda, there is a resolution that supports the Town of Scriba to investigate the status of the Ambulance Service Certificate issued to the City of Oswego.

I get many compliments on the conditions of our roads in the winter. I would like to recognize our Highway workers: Rob Malone, Shawn Regan, Bobby Izyk, Frank Ferguson, Eddie Lawton, Jeremy Wilcox, and Lynn Cooper....and of course our Highway Superintendent Mark Wilcox.

When we are all safe in our homes they are out keeping our roads safe. They do a wonderful job for such a small department.
October 9, 2012 Report

A moment of silence for James Backus, Sr., our Code Enforcement Officer Wayne Newton's father-in-law.
We will continue the public hearing on the Rental Permit Law tonight.

There will be 2 budget modifications tonight: for additional on highway equipment; additional insurance on the new highway truck; and for new traffic signs.

My Tentative Budget has been given to the Town Board and we will meet tonight at the end of the regular meeting.

We have received correspondence from New York State Dept. of Transportation concerning the request to have a lower speed limit on Gardenier Road. Their traffic engineers have completed their review and determined that a speed limit of 40 MPH is appropriate. Signs will be ordered soon.

We are in the process of establishing an office for our Town Historian, George DeMass, in order to give him more space and privacy.

There were no lot sales or burials in the Cemetery in September.

The Dog Control Officer investigated 13 complaints in September.

Code Enforcement issued 3 permits and 14 inspections. Wayne Newton's father-in-law passed.

Set Public Hearing for budget Monday November 5th.

Cancel Workshop for October 29th if OK.

Repairs for the pumps at Sleepy Hollow will begin soon.
August 13, 2012 Report

The Town Hall sprinkler system was inspected and there are no new recommendations at this time.

All material under the playground equipment has been replaced with pea stone by our Highway Department. I would like to thank the men for a job well done.

Feedback from the 3rd annual community yard sale has been very positive! I want to thank Mrs. Botting and Mrs. Hogan for their efforts again this year in coordinating the event.

I have an estimate from Bardan Construction, for the Board's review, to repair the back roof of the Town Hall; and for the installation of snow slides on the roof.

I want to thank Councilor Mahaney for conducting the audit of the Town Clerk and Town Supervisor offices.

I have received a certificate of final state equalization rate of 100% from the NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance of Real Property. Mr. Hogan continues to excel as Assessor.

We are beginning the budget process! Department heads have received their notices with their ledgers to help plan for 2013.

I would like to thank George DeMass and the Historical Society for another wonderful Ice Cream Social in the park! The event was heavily attended. The ice cream was cold, the cookies were crunchy, and the music was hot!

On tonight's agenda:

The residents of Gardenier Road have submitted a petition for a speed limit. We will start the process.

Also on the agenda, the Board will set a public hearing for September 10th at 7:05pm for the proposed "rental permit local law 2012-1." Copies are available in our town clerk's office for review. Also, we are setting a building permit fee of $50 for residential or commercial solar panel installation.

The Highway Department has completed the maintenance of some town roads with oil and stone. This process has improved greatly over the last decade.

There were 4 burials in the cemetery and no lots were sold in July.

The Dog Control Officer investigated 6 complaints in July.

I have no report from Code Enforcement; he is on vacation.
July 9, 2012 Report

Tonight we will be accepting with regret the resignation of Noreen Ruttan, who has been on leave as Secretary to our Planning and Zoning boards. She is unable to continue. We will be appointing Mrs. Botting who has filled in as interim Secretary during Noreens's absences. I am happy to report that Mrs. Ruttan will continue as a member of our Planning Board.

Robert Janey, an Eagle Scout candidate, has completed his project at the Rural Cemetery. The project consists of signage for the cemetery, and a planter with flowers surrounding the cemetery map that is located across from the cemetery office. I am very pleased with the work he did for his project!

I have received several compliments on the appearance and maintenance of our Rural Cemetery grounds. The Staff, consisting of Dennis Knopp, Tim Gibson, Nick Rossi, and Brian Semione are to be commended for a job well done!

I have been researching new medium for placement under our playground equipment. It has been several years since we have replaced the mulch that is currently there. Now we will be placing pea stone in those areas, as it is the most cost effective route to take. Our Highway Department will handle this project.

The town-wide community yard sale will be held Saturday August 4th. Sign up in the Supervisor's office; maps will be available on August 1st. Thank you to Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Botting for their hard work in coordinating this huge undertaking.

We sold 4 graves, and had 4 burials in June.

Our Dog Control Officer has investigated 5 dog complaints in June and to quell any rumors, he has not left or been replaced!
Hope to see you at the Ice Cream Social tomorrow.
June 11, 2012 Report

I would like to have moment of silence for Jack Tyrie, who recently passed away. Jack served the people of the town both as a Town Board member, and Town Supervisor.

The code enforcement officer investigated 4 complaints, and had one final inspection. He issued 4 permits and attended a class on energy codes.

The cemetery sold 4 lots, and had 8 burials.

The Dog Control officer investigated 4 complaints.

I recently attended a meeting of the association of Town Supervisors. The guest speaker was Jim Jones, an EMS Coordinator, from Oswego County Emergency Management. He gave an overview of Emergency Medical Services; at the end he had a request to form a steering committee to develop solutions for resolution of the problems with Emergency Medical Services for the country. If any board member is interested please see me.
May 14, 2012 Report

I would like to just Echo what George and Terry said.

What a wonderful day it was here in the town of Oswego!.

I had so many compliments on our town, our town hall, our historical society, everyone for who volunteered and worked on the project.

Now that this project is over we will all have found memories.  I would like to say a special thanks to The Historical Society for all their hard work over the years.  George of course, and Theresa Cooper whose dream is now a reality. 

I would also like to thank our Highway department who worked on  many things behind the scenes, I would like to thank Debbie Hogan who was out on a ladder makings sure our bunting was perfect in the freezing cold.  I would like to thank Theresa Botting, who coordinated so many things to make sure our town hall and property were in perfect condition!. Of course I would like to thank my town boards, past and present who believe in preserving history. I couldn't be more proud of everyone involved in this effort.   Now let's move forward!

Tonight we will vote on the resolution I spoke about on Saturday. WE will also confirm the Oswego city school district using our facility for the Budget vote and the Election of BOE members.  Good luck to all who are running!
April 9, 2012 Report

The Oswego County Health Department is holding a Rabies Clinic. The schedule is posted in the hall/foyer.

The 2012 tentative roll Sessions are as follows:
Thursday, May 3rd • 4pm – 8pm
Saturday, May 5th • 9am – 1pm
Wednesday, May 16th • 4pm – 8pm
Thursday, May 17th • 4pm – 8pm
Grievance Day is Tuesday May 22nd from 9am – noon and 5pm – 8pm.
Appointments are encouraged.
The board met with Robert Janey, who is working towards his Eagle Scout Badge. He submitted his plan to install a sign in Section M of the Cemetery, and a planter box by the cemetery garage/office.

The Dog Control Officer issued 2 tickets and one warning in March.

I submitted the Annual Certification Form for the Sleepy Hollow SPEDES permit.

On tonight's agenda, under the direction of the Auditor, and the State Comptroller's Office, we will approve a budget modification from our General Fund to our Highway Fund. This is merely a budget transfer to cover Retirement and Insurance costs.

Beginning May 2nd through September 29th, the Oswego County Department of Solid Waste, located at the Bristol Hill site in Volney will be open for disposal of household hazardous waste at no charge. Hours are Wednesdays 8am – 2pm and Saturday s 8am – 11am.

I have to put the town insurance out for bid. The insurance companies requested an employee handbook and I have been working with Mr. Greene on creating one for the town. I should have the information in another month or so.

I would like to thank Highway Department for all their work sprucing up the Town Park's picnic tables, bench, and flagpole.
March 12, 2012 Report

I would like to congratulate Justices Sterio and Jung who were awarded a $6118 dollar Grant to be used for improvements in their courts. $1499.97 for Furniture, and $4,618.97 for security.

On Tonight's agenda there is the highway agreement to spend town Highway funds from the Superintendent of Highways, Mr. Wilcox. Mr. Wilcox plans to spend $175,000 to make improvements to Barker Road, starting at Co Route 20, leading to State Route 104A a distance of 2 miles. Also improvement to Chapel Road Starting at 104A and leading to Hall Road, a distance of 2 miles, and Hall Road Starting at 104 and leading to Wall Street, another 2miles.

The Cemetery will be opening for burials on May 2nd, weather permitting.

Onondaga Water Authority has sent out their Rate Schedule Changes to customers for 2012. The 2012 rates increase is the lowest t increase put into effect in over 10 years; An increase of 4cents per 1,000 gallons of water.

I am in receipt of a letter from the National Grid, informing me that our eclectic bills will decrease in 2012! We could see between a 4% -23% decreases in our monthly costs!
I will tract this for the board.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated 7 complaints.

Our Code enforcement issued one permit and investigate 2 complaints and completed 4 fire inspections.
February 13, 2012 Report

As we begin a new year, I would like to thank the Town Board members for their support, advice, and commitment to the people of the Town of Oswego.

Our 2011 books are closed, audited, and have been filed with the New York State Comptrollers office. The town continues to be in good shape. Unfortunately for the taxpayers in the town, New York State retirement has skyrocketed once again!

We had designated funds for this same scenario several years ago. And because our payment to the state will be around $160,000 for 2012, my budget officer and I would like to se aside, in a N.Y. State retirement reserve, $60,000 which will be used as needed. Also we need to transfer $100,000 to Highway to replenish their reserve. That will be on next month's agenda.

For the last 10 years we have been able to administer the town's portion of the business on our 43 cents per thousand tax rate. In 2014 the pilot agreement with Metropolitan water board will end. The agreement was for Metropolitan to install all infrastructures to town residents for water delivery to their property, and a 20 year payment to the town of $186,000. That agreement, which was made 20 years ago, has enabled the town to grow substantially. The pilot agreement will end and Metropolitan will have a Tax exempt status, and there will most likely be a tax increase to cover that loss in the future.

Some people think you should raise taxes a little bit at a time. However that is not viable. You can not tax people for a savings account, nor do I think that would be wise. My philosophy has always been not to raise taxes until you have to. I will be working with our budget officer on this issue throughout the year.

The historical society is gearing up for the dedication of the Dr. Mary Walker statue: I hope all board members will be able to attend.

Recently, I toured the site of the new Champlain Valley Apple Slicing facility on Route 104. This is sat to start operation shortly. The plant will employ approximately 80 people. They have a wonderful product; locally grown, pre-sliced apples. . . . The plant took over the Fresh Cut facility on Route 104. I tried their product (grab apples). I purchased the apple and grape package at the Granby Wal-Mart and the y were wonderful! We welcome them to the Town of Oswego and wish them success.

The student housing project that has been in the works for several years on county route 7 should finally be settled one way or another shortly. These two projects are good for the Town of Oswego

I would like to continue our town wide yard sale event the second Saturday in August, and another electronic recycle day in early September.
January 9, 2012 Report

As we reorganize this evening, I would like to take a minute and thank Lois Luber for her 8 years of service to the Town of Oswego as an Assessor. Lois will be missed. Also a thank you to Earl Engle for his year of service as an assessor to the town, he will also be missed. We wish them well in all of their future endeavors.

Tonight we welcome Dr. Richard Tesoriero as our new town board member. Dr. Tesoriero served the town on our planning board prior to his election to the town board. We thank him for the service on the planning board, and look forward to working with him as a town board member. With Dr. Tesoriero leaving the planning board, we advertised for a new member; and tonight we will appoint Noreen Ruttan who served as secretary to the board prior to her accident.
I am very thankful for her willingness to change positions.

All but two towns in the county have gone to a sole assessor for many reasons. The town board passed a local law in 2011 to move the town of Oswego forward in that direction. Tonight the board will be asked to approve Richard Hogan, who has served as Chief Assessor in the town of Oswego for 20 years, to the position of Sole Assessor. We are lucky to have such a qualified individual.

I am happy to report that the State Mandate Relief Committee, that Senator Ritchie appointed me to last year, has given 17 recommendations for mandate relief reform. I will send the board all the recommendations when I receive my hard copy. Included in our suggestions was some kind of funding for our Town Clerk's dog licensing responsibilities, and protection of state aide for our local highway maintenance.

At our next workshop on the 23rd, Rob Janey, a candidate for Eagle Scout, will present his project for our cemetery to the town board for approval.

I would like to personally thank Mrs. Cooper for her many years of fundraising for the wonderful statue that sits in front of our town hall today. She spearheaded this project many years ago. Things really accelerated though when George DeMass and she teamed up with the rest of the historical society, to bring this wonderful dream to fruition. The old adage "all good things come to those who wait" applies here.

Since this is a reorganization meeting I will keep things short. My full report on the town will be at the February meeting.
December 12, 2011 Report

I would like a moment silence for George DeSacia. Mr. DeSacia is the father of our Deputy Supervisor Tim DeSacia.

Councilors Herrmann, Shaver and I met with the Mayor Bateman and Councilors Donovan and Myers about the ambulance service for 2012. We will be renewing our agreement tonight for 2012 at the same rate.

At the end of the meeting we are going into an executive session to discuss the labor agreement with the Teamsters.

The town was hit quite hard with our New York State employee retirement contribution; it went up approximately 60 percent from 2011. We will pay this invoice in tonight's abstract, avoiding a 3.75 interest rate and extra $3000 if paid in February. Several supervisors met recently with Senator Patty Ritchie to discuss this severe increase. She is investigating the issue and I will get back to the board when I have an answer as to why.

We have advertised for Zoning or Planning members as well as a Sole Assessor. There is still time for applications.

Our code enforcement officer issued one building permit and had 15 inspections in November.

I want to thank Mrs. Debbie Hogan and Tim Gibson for their dedication and help during the Thanksgiving Holliday; in reopening the cemetery, a family's needs were met. In the future the cemetery will stay open as long as the weather holds. This has been an unusual year, with the passing of our Cemetery Superintendent.

Our Historian, George DeMass is not able to attend tonight's meeting. He reported that the Mary Walker statue is on its way.
October 11, 2011 Report

 A moment of silence for Janet Engle who recently passed away. Janet is the mother of our assessor Earl Engle.

Sewer usage bills for the Ontario Heights residents are being mailed tomorrow. 
The residents of Ontario Heights can still control their sewer bills by controlling their use of water. The residents of the Heights all have water meters installed.  

In a letter to the residents I reminded them that the BOND for the building of the sewer system will be paid off in May of 2013, and at that time we will need to calculate a new sewer tax for the maintenance of their system.  The sewer tax should be significantly less than their current sewer district rate.

Tonight we will be accepting Mike Hagenmayer's resignation from our Planning Board. We thank Mr. Hagenmayer for his dedication to the Town of Oswego and wish him well in Maryland. I will be submitting a name to the Board for consideration as his replacement.

We have begun the process for the speed reduction request on Lakeshore Road and will update the board with any new information.

We had our sprinkler system tested and there was a recommendation to have an authorized alarm panel service representative review the equipment and software and make appropriate adjustments to bring the system into compliance.

Mr. Hogan and I have submitted the 2012 budget to the Board. There is no tax increase in the budget and the levy will remain the same. Due to sound fiscal management we are in good shape for 2012.

Retirement costs and insurance costs remain high.  We did receive more in sales tax revenue in the last quarter due to our population growth and by investigating alternative health care we were able to reduce the costs to the taxpayer while retaining good health care coverage for our seniors. Also by putting our town insurances out for bid those costs were also reduced. By changing phone service providers we have been able to save almost half of our communication expenses.

Cemetery report - 2 burials, one foundation, and no lots sold in September

Our Code Enforcement Officer issued 7 permits and performed 12 inspections in September. He investigated 7 complaints.

Our Dog Control Officer responded to three dog complaints in September.
September 12, 2011 Report

Let us take a moment of silence for Robert Pritchard who has passed away, and also for the victims of 9/11. Mr. Pritchard was the husband of Anne who was a previous Town Clerk.

The first annual electronic equipment recycle day was successful! 16 pallets of items were collected by Maven Technology. It was very convenient for residents to just drive up, and have their cars/ trucks unloaded! Many residents commented to me on the ease of it! This was a free service to the town and I hope to do it again next August.

Mr. Hogan and I have been working on the budget and I will submit it to our town clerk Mrs. Cooper on Sept 30th.

We received a request for a speed limit change for West Lake road. We will start the process tomorrow with the state DOT.

Tonight I will ask the board to approve the appointment of Joe Buske, a new employee for our cemetery, for the remainder of this year. With Johns passing and the student laborers gone back to school, the superintendent needs help right away.

Code Enforcement issued 11 building permits in August and had 20 inspections.

Our Dog Control Officer investigated 9 complaints.

There were 3 burials in August, and no lot sales in the cemetery.

On Saturday morning our town historian George Demass took a group of interested people on a cemetery walk in the oldest section of the cemetery. As always he had a lot of information for us. We were all just leaving Dr Walkers grave site, when there was a loud thump! A very large, very old head stone fell forward and hit the ground!

One historical member went whizzing by me saying. "VICKY....maybe we are not supposed to be here"! It was rather funny at the time, and I was thankful that we not on a ghost walk in the evening or even I may have run!

Senator Patty Ritchie called me on Friday; she asked me if I would serve on a mandate relief committee. I accepted her request and will begin working in early October.
August 8, 2011 Report

I met our seniors who are covered by town health benefits; and a representative of MVP Gold and our Insurance Broker. Two families had some misinformation cleared up concerning their health care plan. Their questions were answered and they were given both phone numbers and email address for direct contact should they have other questions or concerns about their policies. It is always best to go to the experts with questions; I am very pleased with the service they have been providing us.

The effluent ammonia limit for Sleepy Hollow exceeded its loading limit in June; G&G Wastewater determined that there was an electrical issue with submersible pump, #3 and the recycle pump starters; we have been in communication with Koester Associates to get this issue resolved. Koester will also schedule planned maintenance on the flow meter yearly calibration, and Lockwood's will be removing sludge from the septic tanks.

At Ontario Heights WD Malone excavating, has been working on the manhole covers in the streets.

The Historical Society held our annual ice cream social and concert in the park; it was very well attended, a nice relaxing summer evening only could have been made better if there was more shade. I will look into planning shade trees in the park in the fall, if I can get them donated! Our Historian George Demass could not be here tonight but wanted me to mention that the Mary Walker Statue unveiling maybe on October 8th with a small ceremony. Followed by a big celebration the second week of May 2012.

The Third annual community yard sale was held on Saturday AUG 6th. We had 39 families register on our map and many more than that participated. I believe it was a huge success!

We are having an electronic equipment recycle day on Saturday August 27th at our town highway complex from 9AM to 1PM. Maven Technologies will be here with their staff to collect items from our town residents and business, Items that may be dropped off for recycling are Computers, laptops, modems, servers, peripherals, GPS units, cell phones, fax machines, copiers, CD players, IT equipment, printers, Televisions, Monitors and microwave ovens! NO REFRIDGERATORS or other house appliances. There is no charge for this event.

Ellsworth HVAC had been contacted regarding the constant problem with the Air conditioning system in the building. They have been in several times and made some changes to the system and so far things seem to be working.

We have received numerous compliments on the appearance of the Rural Cemetery. I want to thank Dennis Knopp and Tim Gibson for how they stepped up and carried on John. They are doing a great job!

Fire Pro inspected our sprinkler system in the building on June 29th and recommend replacing the missing sprinkler orifice on the piping so that a proper trip test can be conducted. I will talk to the board about this issue.

Our Dog Control officer investigated 3 complaints

Our Code Enforcement officer issued 9 building permits, and made 19 inspections In July.

There were 4 cemetery lots sold, and 3 burials.

I had contracted Governor Cuomo about issues facing the town; unemployment, shared services and JOB creation. I received a letter from Governor Cuomo thanking me for my leadership and cooperation to bring real reform to state and local government; I have been invited by Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney to attend a conference on funding opportunity that exists under the reorganization programs, offered by New York State Department of State. I hope to be able to attend.

Senator Ritchie's office contacted me to arrange meeting to hear some of the concerns I had on behalf of the Town of Oswego. We met here at the town hall late one afternoon; I feel it was a very good and productive meeting. I appreciate any support she might be able to offer the Town of Oswego. Thanks to Councilor Herrmann for his input.

There was very bad news for the economy this weekend , the US credit rating is down for the first time in history, Unemployment figures continue to be dismal, All this bad news at budget time; I have news from the County treasures office, that our sales tax revenue will be up slightly because of our population growth. Responsible fiscal management will carry us though the hard times. I am actively seeking information on the 2 percent property tax cap. It could adversely affect the towns.
July 11, 2011 Report

I would like to have a moment of silence for John Knopp, who served the Town of Oswego for many years as our cemetery superintendent and recently passed away. John will be missed.

Tonight on the agenda there is a resolution to reimburse seniors who had met their prescription deductible up to $500.00 for 2011. Some seniors may have met their deductible prior to the change over to MVP GOLD.  Of course the seniors will have to document their expenses.  Cheryl Clary from MVP gold will be here on Monday July 25th at 4:00 to meet with any seniors who still may have questions on their policies.

Mrs. Botting will contact them.

Also on tonight's agenda there is a resolution to reappoint Fran Delamano, to our planning board. Fran has served the town for many years and we thank him for his willingness to serve the Town of Oswego.

Mr. Hogan and I are starting our budget process. Letters are ready to go out to all departments for budget requests for next year. Please remember to request only what is needed, not wanted! As I have said for the last 10 years, we need to make up the 186,000 dollars in lost revenue from the Metropolitan Water Pilot agreement which ends in 2014. With that in mind, I contacted the County Treasurers office last month about our share of Sales Tax revenue, since the town population has grown by over 800 people in the last 10 years. The Treasure's office will be recalculating our share of sales tax since that revenue is based on population. I will report to the board when the figures come in.

I wanted to look into possibly having a dog census conducted this summer; however since it was not budgeted for it should wait until next year.

The town wide yard sale will be held on August 4th, please contact Mrs. Botting if you want to be listed.

As a service to town residents, I have contacted Maven Technologies to set up either here at town hall or at the HW Garage for recycling of old computers, monitors, key boards etc. I will put out a press release on that as soon as details can be arranged.

Also I have spoken with Joan Dain about the possibility of the district's Book Mobile stopping here at town hall for children to take out books. Funding is an issue but I hope we can work something out.

We sold 2.cemetery lots in June and had 5 burials.

Our code enforcement officer investigated 5 complaints and had 8 inspections, and 14 building permits were issued in June.

Our Dog Control officer investigated 3 complaints in June. The finalized Rabies clinic will be posted in the vestibule.
June 13, 2011 Report

Again this month I would like to thank our Historical Society for another wonderful event On Memorial Day weekend at the Rural Cemetery honoring the veterans both still with us and deceased. I have noticed over the last few years how well the events our Historical society holds are attended, I do hope you all will try to make their membership drive on Thursday, and thank Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Mahaney for all their time and efforts to keep our history alive.

I have sent the estimate in to the DEC for the flow meter at sleepy Hollow sewage treatment plant that was suggested. When I get their approval we will have it installed.

The park has been spruced up and it is nice to see families taking advantage of it.

On tonight's agenda the town board is asked to approve the hiring of Maxwell Appraisal Service for a town wide revaluation project at a cost of $85.000.00 Over the last few years the state has lowered our equalization rate to approximately 83%. The town has not had a revaluation in over 10 years and unfortunately it is time, and can not be put off, or the rate of equalization will continue to drop and we will be taxed at a higher rate than our neighbors for School and county taxes.
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