June 10, 2013 Report

Memorial Day service was held on the national Memorial Day The Rev. Richard Sivers was the main speaker. He spoke of a local town resident serving in the Civil War, a great uncle George Bradway. George was killed in a battle in Hartsville, Mo in 1863 and his body returned to Oswego Town where he rests. Sivers’s remarks were based on letters that George wrote home. 

A long overdue thanks to the Highway Dept. esp. Jeremy Wilcox for the painting of the historical marker at the site of Dr. Mary’s house on Bunker Hill.

Bible from dr. Mary’s estate ( a gift from Tom and Shirley Worden of Wash. state) that the Dr. obtained from the Lacy mansion after the battle of Fredericksburg in 1862. The mansion was converted into a hospital for Union soldiers where she worked. Mary wrote in the Bible how she obtained it. 

An item from the Place estate–Minutes of the California Lyceum a debate club consisting of residents of the California Rd. now Co. Rt. 20. James Lee, a Medal of Honor recipient, was the secretary of this group 1866.

The June meeting of the Historical Society will be at the home of George DeMass, 199 DeMass Rd. 6 pm. It will be a picnic meeting and the discussion will center on the past residents of the road. 

Monday, July 1 at Gettysburg, Pa. in connection with the 150th. anniversary of the battle, the Town Historian will conduct a wreath laying ceremony at the Oswego County monument of the 147th. NYV. the ceremony will be at 11 am and the public is invited. 

The Historical Society. has purchased a digital frame in which the pictures of the town’s living veterans will be placed and on display in the entrance of the Town Hall.