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Grant Provided to Town will be Used for a New Snowplow


As communities near Lake Ontario—and those in its lake effect snow band—are preparing for yet another potentially significant snowstorm, State Senator Patty Ritchie is helping make sure people living and working in one of our region’s snowiest towns are able to travel more safely by providing a grant to the Town of Oswego for a much-needed snowplow replacement. 

“Last winter, the Town of Oswego was hit with more than 200 inches of snow. That was one of the highest snowfall totals in the entire state,” Senator Ritchie said. “In order to handle that kind of snow, our towns must have the equipment necessary to keep up. I am pleased to have secured this grant for the Town of Oswego to ensure it can continue to handle the significant snowfall it will receive this winter and help keep people safe.” 

Currently, the Town of Oswego has five snowplows in rotation, but one is nearly 20 years old with several mechanical issues and a severely rusted frame. Using the $200,000 grant secured by Senator Ritchie, the town has purchased a 2019 International snowplow outfitted with Viking snow removal equipment critical to keeping roads clean—including a plow, wind and sander. 

“I would like to thank Senator Patty Ritchie for securing the $200,000 grant that allowed the Town of Oswego to purchase a new snow plow truck,” said Oswego Town Highway Superintendent David Sterio. “We greatly appreciate her support and the effort she provided so we can ensure our highway department can keep the roads clear and safe for our residents and travelers during our inclement weather.” 

The new snowplow is expected to be delivered to the Town of Oswego in the coming weeks .

An update on the Thompson Road Bridge

Many residents have asked about the condition of the bridge, and why it had to be closed before repairs are made. Attached is a photographic summary of many of the deficiencies, along with the Red Flag Report issued by the NYS Dept. of Transportation. For the bridge to remain open, the Town is required to provide a report to the DOT, conducted by a licensed NYS Engineer. The Town contracted an engineer to do an inspection and prepare a report at the end of October 2018. The engineers report stated…“that the Town close the bridge until a reconstruction or rehabilitation is designed and implemented.” This report is also attached. 

Recently, options have been discussed with different contractors and engineers for temporary repairs, so that the bridge can be re-opened as soon as possible. Once the town has an idea of potential costs, the Town Board will be able to choose a option and provide funding as necessary.

If you have any other questions or concerns or for more information, feel free to contact David Sterio by email at oswegotownhighway@gmail.com or phone (315) 343-0937.