Permits, Applications & Information

Before You Build
There are some preliminary steps you must take before you can begin building. The first step is to apply at the clerk’s office. A survey map is also needed at the time the application is completed. Your application will then go to the zoning consultant for review. A zoning fee of $10 is paid when application is completed. When zoning has been approved, the building inspector will issue a building permit and appropriate fees are paid then. If a variance is needed, a hearing will be scheduled. This process may and can take up to a month, so please be patient and start the paperwork early!
Wedding Bells In Your Future
If there are, be sure to stop in the office to obtain your marriage license and remember:
• Both parties need to be present to obtain a marriage license
• A driver’s license and social security card is needed for identification
• If either party is divorced, proof of the dissolution of marriage is needed
• There is a 24 hour waiting period
• The fee is $40
• Need photo ID and Birth certificate
Marriage license fees increase to $40.00 effective August 1, 2003.
This is from the Department of Health. The base cost of a marriage license is $30.00 and $10.00 for a certified copy, which is mailed to the couple after the ceremony. The State receives $22.50 for each license issued and the $17.50 will be retained by the Town.

Please call for an appointment if you would like to come in for a marriage license. Cash or check only. (315) 343-2586

Is Your Puppy Legal?
Any dog 4 months old must be licensed and have a current rabies shot. If the dog is spayed or neutered, the fee is $6.00; otherwise, it is $13.00. You can submit documentation from your vet at the time of licensing. Although the town does not have a leash law in effect, the County does impose a law in the spring that requires all dogs to be tied up so they will not chase deer.

Lost dog?
If you lose your dog, or find one, call Dan Sullivan, Dog Control officer 315-806-3773. Stray dogs are taken to the Oswego City Animal Shelter where they remain for about five days and then put up for adoption or put to sleep.