Oswego Town Rural Cemetery

The Oswego Town Rural Cemetery is a seasonal cemetery, opening in the spring and closing in the fall of each year. It is an active cemetery with lots available for purchase. You may contact the cemetery superintendent or the cemetery manager for more information.

Town Of Oswego
Rural Cemetery
Rules And Regulations For Lot Owner

  1. Cemetery will be open for visitors from 8:00 a.m. to sunset.
  2. All lots are to be used for the purpose of burial of the human dead only.
  3. No lot owner shall allow an interment to be made upon his or her lot, except by direct arrangement with the superintendent of the cemetery.
  4. No transfer or assignment of any lot or interest therein will be valid without consent in writing from the cemetery superintendent.
  5. No enclosures of lots (i.e. fences) will be permitted.
  6. Corner markers may be privately purchased but must be installed by cemetery personnel.
  7. No more than two miniature shrubs placed close to the headstone within the owner’s plot will be allowed. Written approval must be obtained before planting from the cemetery superintendent. If shrubs become overgrown, unkempt, or unsightly, lot owner or next of kin will be notified to correct the situation. If not corrected after a reasonable time, cemetery personnel will correct the situation.
  8. No artificial flowers will be permitted to be placed directly into the ground. Artificial flowers must be placed in a pot. If placed into the soil, they will be removed by cemetery personnel.
  9. No glass is permitted in the cemetery.
  10. No wire fencing and no decorative or marble stones are permitted around the headstones.
  11. Flowers planted either in the ground or in a pot should be placed as close to the headstone/marker as possible to protect them from the daily maintenance of the cemetery.
  12. If, for any reason, trees or shrubs located on a lot shall impede the operation of the cemetery, the management has the right to correct the difficulty according to their judgment. Efforts to contact lot owner or next of kin will be made.
  13. All work done in the cemetery is to be done only by authorized personnel.
  14. Burial vaults used for interments are required to be either concrete or steel. Fiberglass or plastic vaults are not allowed for use in the cemetery.
  15. All lots sold are subject to the rules of the cemetery and its future amendments.
  16. Memorialization without interment: Inscriptions for individuals who have not been buried in the cemetery will be permited; however it is required that the relevant information be registered in the cemetery records. A recording fee will be charged.
  17. Interment of cremated remains are required to be placed in an urn vault, one that is non-biodegrable, non-corrosive and non-crushable.

If you need assistance, please call the Oswego Town Rural Cemetery at (315) 343-1871.


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